Here at Graceway Church, we believe it is important for Christians to spend time with other Christians. This is a key component to the discipleship making process! Our Life Groups exist to serve this purpose. We want you to find a group of other Christians that you can do life with. Each Life Group meets every Sunday at 9:30am, and they interact with each other by way of activities throughout the year. 





Our Faith-Builders group consists of young adults, both single and married (typically ages 20-40) who desire to strengthen the foundation of their faith as they journey through life and encounter change, work through challenges, and answer God’s calling. This group meets in one of our classrooms on the north side of campus. 
Our Cornerstone group consists of middle-aged adults (typically ages 40-65) who are committed to living godly lives in such a way that their strength is transformed to resemble well shaped building blocks extending from Christ-their Cornerstone. This group meets in our church fellowship hall along with the Legacy-Builders group.
Our Legacy-Builders group consist of senior adults (typically ages 65 & above) who are living out the joys of retirement and experiencing the sweetest time of life with family and grandkids!This group meets in our church fellowship hall along with the Cornerstone group.